When is it Time to Reseal Your Granite?

There are few kitchen countertop designs that remain as classic and elegant as the original granite stone. They are sleek, easy to clean and with maintenance can keep your kitchens and bathroom displays seemingly "Brand New" for decades. What's the secret to maintaining your granite counter tops? R-E-S-E-A-L. 

Here are a few questions we hear from our Customers frequently on Granite:

How often should I re-seal my granite? 

Twice a year is your best bet to keep your investment perfect and well protected. Though this could be tedious for some, let's make sure we are resealing it at minimum once a year.

How can I determine an 'unsealed' granite counter?

Let's try out the water test! If it's a hot Arizona summer's day, I'm sure you're drinking plenty of ice cold water. If you've been noticing the condensation from your glass is leaving unsightly dark rings on your granite, it's definitely time for a reseal. Luckily the water won't damage your stone and will dry up within a few hours, it's necessary to prepare a reseal when this test has failed. 

Why is sealing important?

Because of it's incredibly porous nature, granite has a tendency to soak up water as well as any oils and stains. Once there is a stain in natural stone, there is no going back. You'll be living with that as if it were mayo on khaki pants... (also not recommended). 

How do I clean my Granite to prevent bacteria?

Though beautiful, granite does pose more opportunity for bacterial build up if not properly disinfected. It's important to know HOW To clean these countertops to maximize your sealant and not break it down with harsh chemicals. Try to avoid ammonia or bleach, but if you must go for alcohol based products use water to dilute the solutions. You can also check out Stone Disinfectants made by companies like Simple Clean and 409, specifically designed to protect and disinfect natural stone.

Well there you have it! You're all set to take your countertops for a test spin with 100% confidence. We hope this has left you excited to make the most of your kitchen and bathrooms without fear of ruining your investment.